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  • Start a New Business to Avoid Old Taxes
    Payroll taxes kill businesses. It is very easy to get behind, whether the business owner uses the funds to pay other expenses or due to a mistake. Once there is a payroll tax balance, it can be very difficult to catch up. The penalties and interest compound the problem. If you’re a business owner and… … Read more
  • Accounting for Interest Deductions as a Tax Planning Option
    Tax attorneys frequently come from an accounting background. This may seem like an unrelated skill, but it often plays a pivotal role in effective tax planning. The ability to navigate revenue and expenses and debits and credits not only ensures accurate financial reporting but also lays the foundation for strategic tax planning. Tax planning often… … Read more
  • Avoid Late IRS Installment Agreements
    The concept of “judicial activism” refers to situations where judges do more than simply interpret existing laws. They venture into creating new laws or policies through their rulings. This encroaches on the legislative power of Congress, which creates the laws, and the executive agencies, which create policies to implement the law. This type of discretion… … Read more
  • Can You Still Owe Taxes on a Loan That’s 10 Years Old?
    Our legal system allows people to move on from past obligations under certain circumstances. For example, people can discharge debts through bankruptcy, creditors have a limited amount of time to sue for unpaid debts, and even the IRS allows a fresh start for unpaid taxes. These laws strike a balance between allowing those who are… … Read more
  • Triggering Losses by Selling a Business: NQDC Example
    Timing issues are one of the aspects of effective tax planning. There are scores of options for timing and tax deferral and recognition that depend on the taxpayer’s circumstances. For example, for corporate taxpayers, these timing issues may involve timing the receipt of income using the installment rules or the use of losses or foreign… … Read more
  • Tax Deductions for Non-Facilitating Costs for IP, M&A & Real Estate
    One of the most common disputes between taxpayers and the IRS revolves around the question of whether certain expenses are deductible in the current year or need to be capitalized and recovered over time. This expense versus capitalization issue arises in various contexts. We have considered a number of these disputes on this site. It… … Read more

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