Tax Disputes

Americans have never had much enthusiasm for paying taxes. The Nation’s first income taxes—adopted to finance the Civil War—met with considerable (one might even say “taxing”) legal resistance.

CIC Services, LLC v. I.R.S., 141 S. Ct. 1582 (2021)

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IRS & State Audits

The IRS and state tax authorities have rules and procedures that allow them to collect more tax.

  • Business and individual income tax audits
  • Estate & gift and trust tax audits
  • Payroll tax audits
  • Sales & use tax audits

Tax Litigation

Tax cases are unique when it comes to litigating court cases.

  • U.S. Tax Court deficiency and collection cases
  • State Appellate Board cases
  • Texas Sales Tax & Property tax cases

Unpaid Tax Debts

The IRS and state tax authorities offer various programs to resolve or settle back taxes.

  • Partial-pay, streamlined, and guaranteed installment agreements
  • Offer in compromise based on doubt as to collectibility, effective tax administration, and doubt as to liability
  • Penalty and interest abatement claims
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