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Information About the IRS, etc.
  • The Houston Tax Attorney Blog, which is our own blog.
  • The official Treasury Department website, which is the IRS parent agency (which provides a lot of useful tax policy and tax administration information)
  • The official Internal Revenue Service website, which provides a lot of useful tax information
  • The U.S. Tax Court court website, which is the most active court when it comes to tax-related litigation, has a search function for its recent court cases
  • The U.S. District and Circuit Courts website, which provides useful information about other federal courts that hear tax cases (including particular court rules and the ability to search the court’s judicial opinions for tax cases)
  • The Court of Federal Claims court website, which is yet another federal court that hears tax litigation cases
  • The Department of Justice agency website, which is the federal agency that is responsible for all tax litigation (except for U.S. Tax Court litigation) and
  • The American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants association website, which provides a good directory to help taxpayers find tax attorneys and tax information.
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