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Both Erin Breaux and Kreig Mitchell are super friendly and very responsive. They listened diligently and always try to resolve the issues with IRS. Even though, we are still in a process to resolve the case; however, their professional sincere effort in resolving them is highly commended. So far their level of service to me is outstanding!

Mohammad Irfan Avatar Mohammad Irfan
March 20, 2021

Helpful tax consultation.

Mike T Avatar Mike T
November 20, 2021

Very informative initial free consultation. Thanks.

ramkyusa1 Avatar ramkyusa1
April 20, 2021

My husband & I received a few letters that had us worried about an audit. I called a few lawyers that were quick to give me a few grand quote to represent us. Kreig listened to our situation and let us know that it wasn’t time to hire a lawyer and what to expect in the situation we are in. He explained to us when we should call him. I’m so appreciative for the honesty.

Jaclyn Myers Avatar Jaclyn Myers
April 20, 2021

I really appreciated the entire process. Mr. Mitchell's front office lady courteously answered the phone and immediately set up a conference so that I may ask my questions. Same day! Mr. Mitchell was very polite and carefully listened to my concerns and helped explain my options. He even did a follow-up email on what we discussed. I'm keeping on touch for any future foreseeable needs.

Miriam Elkadiri Avatar Miriam Elkadiri
April 20, 2021

Kreig was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, quickly answering my questions about tax law. He was even able to suggest additional things I should be doing to avoid potential audit problems. I appreciated that he not only gave me his professional opinions but also personal advice on the matter. Though this was only a consultation I would definitely reach out to Kreig first if my situation escalated to need more legal help.

jimmy watkins Avatar jimmy watkins
March 20, 2021

Being from California, I am used to very stressful conversations and talking with Kreig was not stressful at all. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive to our questions. We have a highly complicated case, with many different moving parts and companies, which he grasped quickly. This was a free consultation and I feel hat we were able to get insight into his approach and hope to build a relationship with his firm. Thank you

Sean G (LDA Document Services) Avatar Sean G (LDA Document Services)
March 20, 2021

I was referred to Kreig Mitchell as I had very specific questions regarding parts of a complex real estate transaction. I had scheduled a 1/2 hour conversation and during that time I experienced why the person referring him to me was so enthused about his knowledge and ability to be a client advocate. He directed me to specific tax cases and shared with me very practical applications of the case and how best to incorporate the findings of that case into my situation. I was very pleased and will certainly contact him again with difficult transactions. He is at the top of knowledgeable tax attorneys whom I have dealt with over the years.

Robert White Avatar Robert White
March 20, 2021

Very experienced and has a great team behind him. A bit costly but definitely comes through for his client. The only thing I didn't like was that he didn't agree to a flat fee and the final price ended up being more than 3 times what we both initially expected. But that was largely because of the complexity of the case. I'm definitely thankful for finding him.

Sal L Avatar Sal L
November 20, 2021

Had a time-sensitive tax "emergency" that required immediate consultation and unfortunately, i had to have a same or next day response during Christmas week. I requested an appointment with Kreig and was able to meet with him over the phone the next day! I met briefly over the phone with Kreig for 30 minutes and in this time he was able to confirm that I had followed proper tax procedures and that I could rest at ease. Since it was such a short meeting Kreig didn't want to even bother charging me for his time which is quite an honorable thing to do.
I'd _absolutely_ work with Kreig in the future--not that I'm looking to have any tax troubles! He's incredibly responsive and very knowledgeable.
Suffice it to say, I consider Kreig my tax attorney for the future and you would be _VERY_ well served to work with Kreig if you have any tax issues!

Robert Jones Avatar Robert Jones
March 20, 2021

I've known Kreig for years now, but have recently decided to start working with him for my business. He's extremely knowledgeable, fair, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him!

Jennifer MacGeorge Avatar Jennifer MacGeorge
March 20, 2021

Kreig Mitchell was awesome. After starting up a small heavy equipment rental company, I needed an experienced lawyer to help me write a contract to present between myself and my customers. After obtaining six or seven quotes, Kreig was by far the most affordable option, and went over and beyond what I feel like I paid him to do. If you're looking for an affordable lawyer to help you write business contracts, look no further because this is easily your guy. Thanks again for all the help, I really appreciate it Kreig!

Christian Bishop Avatar Christian Bishop
September 20, 2021

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